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Come Join Me At My Table

Our Rules are Simple 

No Judging.
No Rudeness.
No Preaching. 
No  Diagnosing. 
Learning new skills help us navigate and explore the path the path to mental health wellness.
Life comes with bumps and bruises. Healing life scraps no matter the size can be impactful in many ways.
One of several ways to move past trauma is to share them.

What's On The Menu?

Mental Health

Explore monthly topics such as mindfulness, ground techniques, and my own personal experiences navigating the world with mental health concerns.

Recipe Archive

My version of recipes from my favorite blogs, chefs, eateries, cuisines, along with recipes created by me.

Food & Cooking

Tips and tricks to help level-up your cooking game and other food-related food content, such as Tay Tastes Things (again) and the Stocking Series.

Recipes, cooking tips, personal stories, and mental health & wellness information.


Place Settings is a subcategory under the Mental Health category that houses all my mental health wellness content. Under the Place Settings category are the following segments, Menu TalksPersonal Experiences & Reflections, and Care for You.

Featured Collections is a subcategory under the Food and Cooking category that houses all my food and cooking-related content. Taysty (not a typo) TipsTay Tastes Things (again), and Special of the Month are under the Featured Collections category.

What's New?

Growing up, I decided several foods were on my nasty list. The kicker is I never even tried them. In this series, I retry and explore new foods.