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Stir-Fried Beef and Broccoli

Stir fried beef and broccoli is one of my favorite dishes. It is super simple and quick. The key is to get all your mise en place done and cut your flank steak on a bias.

Mise en place basically means, everything in it's place.  We also call it "prep work".  When doing any fast cooking dish, such as stir fry, mise en place is essential.  Take a little time before hand to get everything, chopped, mixed and ready to be placed inside the hot wok.

When people say they hate cooking it is usually for a few of reasons, outside of the actual task.

They do not have the proper toolsThey do not get read before starting a recipeThey do not understand the wording of a recipe. Here are a couple of tips for the above.
They do not have the proper tools. This includes cookware (pots and pans), utensils (tongs, spatulas, graters and such).  When picking the correct recipe make sure you have all your need to perform the recipe before you start. Also a sharp knife makes all the difference in…
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I Let You Go

"Have you noticed, I've been ignoring you?"


"Why haven't you said anything?"

"Because it doesn't bother me. I am no longer interested in people doing things only because I want them to do it. "

"So you're saying you don't care about me anymore? "

"I'm saying I don't care to make you into something you are not. "

"Which is what? "

"Someone special to me."

When holding on becomes to painful. Release. The pain after letting go is healing the wound. Stop letting people tear open the same wound. Stop feeding people in hopes they will feed you back. Don't let another person's attention mean more than you self worth.

Instead spend that time feeding yourself. Use that energy to make yourself feel good. Build yourself up to the point of never being in this situation again. Realize you have value as you are this very moment.

It'll hurt. It'll be hard. It'll also…

Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

Finally we have Chicken and Sausage (chicken andouille) Gumbo! It has been a long journey to get to this point. I had to order gumbo file from Walmart online first and foremost.

I love this gumbo so much. It reminds me of when my (grand) mother use to make it. She would have chicken, shrimp, crab legs and sausage. Since I am not a fan of shellfish, this is as close as I can get.

With school back in session and harder semester ahead, this meal is definitely comfort food, stress relief and self care!

Instant Pot Pulled Pork with Creamy Coleslaw

Pull pork sandwiches made in the Instant Pot with creamy homemade coleslaw and G. Hughes sugar free BBQ sauce on a Sola low carb bun.

Carnitas Tacos

Pork shoulder (butt) was on sale at Kroger. The problem; however, I live alone and I have a tiny stomach.  I also wanted pulled pork and carnitas. nothing left to do but cut it in half and make both in my Instant Pot.

This taco is topped with pickled onions, grated cotija cheese, cilantro and poblano tomatillo salsa and wrapped in a Maria & Ricardos Whole Wheat Low Carb 6 Inch tortilla.