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Leader of My Pack

Over the last few months, I noticed there are a few people I f*ck with and a few people who f*ck with me.  What's even funnier is those people are not the same on both sides. I have changed how I move with a lot of people; some do not seem to have noticed.

This should not come as a surprise to any of them, because I told them personally.  I didn't say, I am not going to mess with you anymore.  Instead, I said I am not happy with this relationship and this is why.  

That was all I said about it. No, "This what you can do to fix it."  Simply stated, if they want to fix it they will or will ask how it can be fixed.  If they do not act, it is okay. I have already cried my tears over loss of the relationship.

All the pain I was feeling before the conversation, was me grieving the death of the relationship.  By expressing my displeasure, I was able to free myself of that grief and move forward.  

Yes, I still "see" them around me and in some cases still love them.  T…

Dealing with Fear

It took me so long to understand how much fear I lived with and how it was slowly strangling my dreams and life. I wouldn't make moves with Simply Catering because I could not see a clear path to success. I was afraid to fail; which meant I was afraid to try.

Growing hurts! It is calling "growing pains" for a reason. It is not easy to be uncomfortable. To look myself in the face and say "I'm afraid", was one of the most vulnerable feelings I have faced.

It seemed like out of the blue when I decided I was NOT going to be controlled by fear anymore. I was going to move in confidence. I was not going to be afraid to fall on my face. I was not going to be afraid to be successful. I was not going to be afraid to heal. I was not going to be scared of my best possible self.

With that in mind, I moved 2000 miles away. I gave up some of my independence and freedom by living in another person's home. I can not express how much it stung my pride. A …

Pop-up Restaurant in Dayton Ohio

I was at a Picnk pop up Toxic Brew company. This is buffalo mac and cheese with bacon and ranch dressing. 
It was tasty just cold.

Cajun Red Beans and Rice in the Making

I made vegan Cajun Red Beans and Rice with jalapeno corn muffins.

A Little Bit About Tay

Part of the reason I left CA, my home of 43 years, was be able to live a better life and to possibly make my dream of bring my cooking to the masses come true.  This is so very important me as, I thought this dream was lost to me.

For those who you who don't know, I have Bipolar Disorder and PTSD. The year of 2014 was almost the last of my life.  Things crashed down on me in a major way.  In time with hard work, I was able to become more stable; however, my cooking ability took a major hit.

I was not able to do things instinctively as I once had. I found myself having to go back to using, timers, recipes and other techniques which I had long left behind.  So many times cried over burnt or undercooked food.  I wasn't able to grocery shop in the same way or even make a menu.  For a while, I wanted to give up on cooking all the together.  I found myself growing more depressed.

For those who know me understand, giving up isn't exactly in my vocabulary.  This meant too much to …