A Little Bit About Tay

Part of the reason I left CA, my home of 43 years, was be able to live a better life and to possibly make my dream of bring my cooking to the masses come true.  This is so very important me as, I thought this dream was lost to me.

For those who you who don't know, I have Bipolar Disorder and PTSD. The year of 2014 was almost the last of my life.  Things crashed down on me in a major way.  In time with hard work, I was able to become more stable; however, my cooking ability took a major hit.

I was not able to do things instinctively as I once had. I found myself having to go back to using, timers, recipes and other techniques which I had long left behind.  So many times cried over burnt or undercooked food.  I wasn't able to grocery shop in the same way or even make a menu.  For a while, I wanted to give up on cooking all the together.  I found myself growing more depressed.

For those who know me understand, giving up isn't exactly in my vocabulary.  This meant too much to me to simply walk away.  While I am not exactly the same I was before, I am about 90% there.  The other ten percent will come with more practice.

When I first moved, I wasn't sure how I was going to navigate living with a vegan kitchen.  To be honest, I almost skipped moving in, in favor of my own place.  Ultimately I decided to continue with my plan.  I learned a really valuable lesson: everyone loves good food.  Being here I added to my arsenal and feel I can cater to almost any eating style.

What I have coming for Simply Catering is born of my experiences here and my past loves.  Blending them into something, which I feel is missing and will be enjoyed, WITHOUT breaking the bank. I can't wait for you guys to see what I have planned and it is only the start!


  1. You are amazing to have worked so hard to get to where You are...xoxo don't give up...


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