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Leader of My Pack

Over the last few months, I noticed there are a few people I f*ck with and a few people who f*ck with me.  What's even funnier is those people are not the same on both sides. I have changed how I move with a lot of people; some do not seem to have noticed.

This should not come as a surprise to any of them, because I told them personally.  I didn't say, I am not going to mess with you anymore.  Instead, I said I am not happy with this relationship and this is why.  

That was all I said about it. No, "This what you can do to fix it."  Simply stated, if they want to fix it they will or will ask how it can be fixed.  If they do not act, it is okay. I have already cried my tears over loss of the relationship.

All the pain I was feeling before the conversation, was me grieving the death of the relationship.  By expressing my displeasure, I was able to free myself of that grief and move forward.  

Yes, I still "see" them around me and in some cases still love them.  The difference is, I no longer let them hurt me. I know exact what to expect from them. I no longer have depend on them to help nourish my soul or feed my companionship, without an invitation from myself first.  

I've been learning a lot about limiting and protecting myself from anything and everyone which does not enrich my life in some way.  The hardest lesson has been learning NOTHING can be immune from this process.  This practice is about creating and accepting peace within myself. Setting boundaries can be immensely difficult, but equally rewarding.  

I will not beg for love.  I will not beg for attention.  I will not beg for respect.  I will not even ask or demand them.  If my actions and interactions do not lend themselves to receiving those gifts, then the universe has shown that particular person is not meant to reside my life at this time.  I will no longer force it.  I will not take it personal.   


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