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Stir-Fried Beef and Broccoli

Stir fried beef and broccoli is one of my favorite dishes. It is super simple and quick. The key is to get all your mise en place done and cut your flank steak on a bias.

Mise en place basically means, everything in it's place.  We also call it "prep work".  When doing any fast cooking dish, such as stir fry, mise en place is essential.  Take a little time before hand to get everything, chopped, mixed and ready to be placed inside the hot wok.

When people say they hate cooking it is usually for a few of reasons, outside of the actual task.

  1. They do not have the proper tools
  2. They do not get read before starting a recipe
  3. They do not understand the wording of a recipe.
Here are a couple of tips for the above.

They do not have the proper tools. This includes cookware (pots and pans), utensils (tongs, spatulas, graters and such).  When picking the correct recipe make sure you have all your need to perform the recipe before you start. Also a sharp knife makes all the difference in the world.  Pick a "steel" for honing the knives. Also proper storage goes a long way. Guards for the blades or magnetic strips are excellent ideas. I would skip the storage block as some can dull the knives. I would suggest skipping the home sharpening for a professional.  Depending on how much the knives are used, they may only need to be sharpened once or twice a year.  

They do not get read before starting a recipe.  There is nothing worse than getting everything together to realize some has marinate for 8 hours.  Reading a recipe for more than the list of ingredient is vital.  This also always a person to decide when the best time to make the recipe would be.

They do not understand the wording of a recipe.  Not all recipes are well written. Some cooks assume you have a certain knowledge set when writing a recipe.  Some recipes are made for those professional cooks and chefs.  The New Food Lovers Companion (2013) is an excellent book for all cooking terms.  Once you get a handle on the terms, another great book is Culinary Artistry (1996). This books helps with pairing flavors. 

Once there is a good understanding of the three tips above cooking becomes a much easier process. 


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