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Nice to Meet You, I am Tay

To get the basics about me out the way, I am 40-something year old student, native Californian living with mental health concerns. Outside of school, cooking and blogging; I love all thing “geeky”  Things such as anime, computer games, comic book, fantasy and sci-fi movies. On the flip side of that, I also enjoy the beach, art, music, camping and traveling. Indeed, I am very much single with no children, but I have a wonderful older emotional support cat named Trinity. 

I was born and raised in southern California, with the last eight years in Long Beach. In April of 2018, I moved to Dayton, Ohio with person who I have stayed with before while in California.  June 2019, I moved to my own place in Trotwood, Ohio. One of the things I love about Ohio is the cost of housing.  I do wish the weather and food was better in Dayton, though. 

The major reason I left CA  was be able to live a better life and to possibly make my dream of bring my cooking to the masses come true.  As most people know, California is expensive.  While there are several things I miss about home, the cost of housing is not one of them.  Couple that with living on a fixed budget, something I had to give.  That something was me.

Now, lets get a little deeper, since I was child, I have had issues with my mental health.  At first I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder Several years later it was changed to Bipolar Disorder II and PTSD. It still took another two to find the right combination of medication and therapy before I began to stabilize. December of 2019, things started on a upswing; I was feeling the best I had in years. 

With that i mind, I started making plans to restart my catering business in Ohio. During this process, it was starting to be come apparent I need to revisit my hospitality management education. After a conversation with a friend, I found myself enrolling in the local community college.  I also found an interest in meeting and event planning. Currently, I am a first year hospitality management student with a 4.0, and student teacher at Sinclair College. 

Thank you for taking some time to listen to my story.  Again, nice to meet you, I am Tay.