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Redefining Success

Redefining Success

Remember when participation trophies were a thing? Some bristled at the idea of giving rewards to “losers” regardless of the intent. In all honesty, the concept was great, but the execution needed some work.
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self-love self-care

Make Time for Self-Care

Often when thinking of self-care, it is usually regarding trying to schedule it. Consequently, has anyone ever stopped to think about why we need to schedule time to take care of ourselves? Shouldn't self-care be a natural instinct?
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My Love Story Photo of Tay

My Love Story

A year ago today, I wrote this letter and posted it on Facebook. For the first time, I could see the love I had for myself.  My love wasn't this abstract concept I was trying to force myself to believe.  I was truly smitten with myself.  There was no shame or conceit in this self-admiration.  Today, I still feel the same.
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Be aware awareness spay painted on a train

Being Aware

At the beginning of my mental health journey, I thought being aware was the entire battle. My Virgo mind assumed knowing my behavior was unacceptable, toxic, and wrong would be enough to counteract it.
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