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I Let You Go: A Lesson in Letting Go

I let you go

I Let You Go

“Have you noticed, I’ve been ignoring you?”


“Why haven’t you said anything?”

“Because it doesn’t bother me. I am no longer interested in people doing things only because I want them to do it. “

“So you’re saying you don’t care about me anymore? “

“I’m saying I don’t care to make you into something you are not. “

“Which is what? “

“Someone special to me.”

When holding on becomes too painful, we often forgot we have the option to release.  We only think about how painful it will be after letting go while ignoring the current pain we are currently experiencing. It is essential to remember while we are holding on; the pain is indefinite. After letting go, healing can start. The wound can not begin to heal, taking the pain with it.

When we continue to wait for change, it is like letting the person/situation tear open the same wound over and over again. At some point, we must stop feeding into people with the hope they will give back to us.  Don’t let another person’s attention mean more than our self-worth.

Instead spend we can spend that time feeding ourselves. Use that energy to make ourselves feel good. The goal is to build-up to the point of avoiding this situation in the future. Realize we have value as we are at this very moment.

I won’t lie to you; it will hurt. It will not be easy. However, it will also bring strength, and the three “selfs” -self-esteem, self-love, and self-acceptance. It will give us the ability to recognize it sooner. If there’s ever a next time, we already know how to get through it. Learn the lessons to empower ourselves. Don’t be afraid to tell them, ” I let you go. “

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